Training Programme

We currently deliver a NOCN Level 1 Sewing Course to vulnerable women in HMP Low Newton and in the Community. The course gives the learners a range of skills that will lead to employment. On completion of the course the learners will be empowered and equipped with skills around:

* Using commercial garment patterns

* Drawing patterns

* Pattern cutting

* Preparation techniques for garment construction

* Using different types of sewing machines, cutting equipment and steam press.

The learners from HMP Low Newton will be given voluntary work experience whilst in custody through ROTLs program (release on temporary license). Upon release these people will then be interviewed and if successful offered paid employment in our factory.here.

About KK's


Katwalk Kimberley’s is a Socil Enterprise Company with the sole aim of supporting addicts in their recovery. The business / ministry is in memory of my late sister Kimberley who sadly passed away from substance misuse. Kimberley tried many times to kick her drug habit and I know that the one thing missing to help her was 'employment' if Kimberley had a job it would have been much easier for her to remain abstinent. Sad as it is Kimberley’s life will not be in vain and this social enterprise will give jobs to those people in recovery.


Launched in 2012 with our “keeping you warm and dry range” we offer stylish and affordable fashion apparel with a unique touch – going that extra mile and bringing consumers our very own designer ‘Wine Bottle Umbrella’. Now is the perfect time for fashion tastemakers to own a pair of KK Wellington Boots, Comfy KK Welly Liners and a Wine Bottle Umbrellas all matching.

KK will continue to remain ahead of the game doing the unexpected whilst retaining its accessibility and affordability.

KK logo is trademarked and we aim to bring young affordable fashion that can be worn every day. Business owner Abigail Fields started this business as a tribute to her late sister Kimberley and will support addicts in their recovery.

Abigail Fields