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Katwalk Kimberleys is a Social Enterprise Company with the aim of supporting addicts in their recovery. The business is in memory of the founder’s late sister Kimberley who sadly passed away from substance misuse.


Kimberley tried to overcome her drug habit but lacked the support and structure that could have been provided through employment, which would have helped her to remain abstinent. In honour of Kimberley’s life, this social enterprise aims to help people in her same situation by providing a pathway to employment within the garment manufacturing industry.


Katwalk Kimberley's first ventured into this industry in 2012, with a range of accessories such as: wellies, welly socks and umbrellas. Since then the company has focused on jeans and hoodies using ethically sourced denim and other fabrics sourced within the UK.


We also teach Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 City & Guilds accredited sewing courses, empowering people with sewing and manufacturing skills.


A message from me:  

"I am very proud to have started this fashion label alone back in 2012 with a simple idea of bringing out a range of matching wellies, socks and umbrellas. Fast forward 11 years and what a journey it has been, with lots of mistakes made and hurdles overcome! We are now focused on manufacturing jeans from ethically sourced denim in addition to our loungewear for both women and children sporting our Katwalk Kimberleys logo and our Recover logo for menswear. 

I am proud to be a part of a strong and diverse team with multi skills, talents and qualifications including; BA Hons in Fashion Degree, Costume Design Degree, Law Degree, Management and Leadership in addition to multiple staff who have Teaching Accreditations. We all share the same goal and ethos and love to make our high end pieces a reality. 

Garment manufacturing was once a prominent industry in Middlesbrough up until the 1990's with at least 20 factories within close proximity of each other. Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry moved overseas due to competitive labour, contributing to the now well known fast fashion movement. With my team and our determination, we are bringing this industry back to home grown skills and talents to ensure that the history of British garment manufacturing lives on and creates more employment opportunities within this industry.

I am proud all of our garments are designed and created in house with love, care and time in our small Middlesbrough factory, UK.  

"To get me though I live by the scripture "I can do all things through him who strengthens me". Philippians 4 v 13  

Abi x

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